Important Enrollment Reminders

Thursday, July 3rd

  • Online registration services will be turned off at 9:00 p.m.
  • All transactions must be done in person at the One Stop once online registration closes.

Monday, July 7th

Internship Openings!

The City of Olympia is looking for a Computer Technician Intern, paying 16.11/hr for 19+ hours/week. Under general supervision, the intern will be responsible for performing the timely Installation of desktop hardware and software as part of a lifecycle replacement project. As part of the Service Desk team, the intern will assist with direct customer support, software and hardware support. This employer would like to find someone for summer quarter, but understands our summer quarter is quickly approaching. They are willing consider a fall intern.

Coming up on the end of quarter, end of the academic year

and it seems like a good time to re-post this. If you haven't seen this - or even if you have - this is well worth a little bit of your time.

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