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How Microsoft is using Open Source Software?

MSDN Blogs - Sun, 10/18/2015 - 23:55
This blog post is the fourth in a series of six blog posts highlighting various aspects of Microsoft’s open source strategy. The previous two posts explained Microsoft’s Open Approach that empowers customer choice and value by providin g a wide range of choices in a cross platform and interoperable way with open standards, resulting in the most trusted cloud. As dogfooding by using one’s own products is one core principle when Microsoft develops products, so is the use of...(read more)

Team Foundation Server 2015 正式發行

MSDN Blogs - Sun, 10/18/2015 - 22:50

好消息!微軟正式發行了 Team Foundation Server 2015 的最終版本,Team Foundation Server 2015 是對任何開發團隊提供之地端的應用程式生命週期管理與開發維運整合解決方案,且包含對提升Team Foundation Server 深度與廣度能力的大量更新,Team Foundation Server 2015 使開發團隊更易於分享程式,追蹤工作與交付軟體。此篇文章您將看到:




現今的開發團隊首要專注於敏捷開發,對思考如何建立一個敏捷的團隊與流程的開發團隊而言,擁抱開發維運整合方式,逐漸成為了主流 Team Foundation Server 2015 與 Visual Studio Online 提供了完整的開發維運整合服務,讓團隊能夠持續交付,持續監控與持續學習,便於最佳化團隊敏捷度,在 Team Foundation Server 2015 與雲端的 Visual Studio Online 服務之間,我們提供了全面的開發維運整合能力。

多年來, Team Foundation Server 已成為 .NET 開發團隊的絕佳工具,但近幾年,Team Foundation Server 與 Visual Studio Online 已成長為對使用任何程式語言與平台的開發者提供一流的支援,無論是 Node.js 或 Java、iOS 或 Android,Team Foundation Server 2015 與 Visual Studio Online 對開發團隊的需求都能提供全面性的支援,以下是一些從 Team Foundation Server 2015 全新的開發維運整合能力中挑選的重點節錄。

Team Foundation Server 與 Visual Studio Online 的敏捷看板是團隊每日追蹤工作與進度的重要工具,Team Foundation Server 2015 包含了如客製化,標籤與泳道流程等對於敏捷看板使用體驗的重要更新。


為了對 Git 提供更多的支援,Team Foundation Server 2015 與 Visual Studio Online 對使用 Git  版控的專案,導入了新的程式碼檢閱體驗,使開發者能夠更快的在開發流程中協同作業。


Team Foundation Server 2015 與 Visual Studio Online 包含了全新的組建系統,提供簡潔的 Web 介面,讓使用者能對於持續整合管線進行如設定外掛與跨平台編譯流程的設定 。


相信大家對於 Team Foundation Server 2015 最終版本發行感到興奮,因此,鼓勵還沒有轉移的開發團隊開始規劃轉移,使用此版本的 Team Foundation Server 將輕易滿足開發團隊對於應用程式生命週期與開發維運整合的需求。

TechDays 2015 相關開發維運課程 - 敏捷企業決勝關鍵:DevOps 開發維運一體化


原文翻譯自:Team Foundation Server 2015 Now Available


MSDN Blogs - Sun, 10/18/2015 - 20:14
Rádi bychom upozornili na nové aktualizované vydání knihy Moderní programování – učebnice pro začátečníky , které vyšlo začátkem října. Kniha je určena zájemcům o programování bez předchozích znalostí problematiky. Pozvolný výklad krok za krokem je veden na řadě praktických příkladů, které jsou mj. zaměřeny na grafiku, jednoduché...(read more)

Index Creation Date

MSDN Blogs - Sun, 10/18/2015 - 20:14

Often when troubleshooting performance related issues, it is beneficial to know when new indexes were introduced.  However currently there is no easy way to keep track of this information or attain this information.  That’s why one of my colleagues and a good friend, Mohamed Sharaf (Blog | Twitter), has submitted a request on Microsoft Connect, Expose index creation date in sys.indexes, Link.  Please take a few minutes to vote if you agree .

This post is cross posted on my SQLCAN Blog, MSDN Blog, and SQL server Consultation blog.

[Skype ディレクトリ] を消す方法

MSDN Blogs - Sun, 10/18/2015 - 18:48

Japan Lync/Skype Suppot の久保です。

Skype for Business Online を利用している環境で、クライアントで検索を行った場合に [Skype ディレクトリ] が表示される事があります。

これは、テナントの設定として、パブリック IM 接続が許可するように設定されている場合の想定された動作となります。

この設定は、[Office 365 管理センター] の  [外部共有]-[Skype for Business] の設定で制御可能です。

チェックが外れている状態では、検索結果として [Skype ディレクトリ] は表示されません。

.Net Framework サポート ライフサイクル ポリシーについて (2015年10月)

MSDN Blogs - Sun, 10/18/2015 - 17:00
皆さま、こんにちは。 Visual Studio 製品マーケティングの相澤です。 本日は .NET Framework のサポート ライフサイクル ポリシーについてまとめて説明したいと思います。 .NET Framework のサポート ライフサイクル ポリシーは 2014 年 8 月 7 日に更新され 、 2016 年 1 月 12 日以降は .NET Framework 4.0 ~ 4.5.1 はサポートされなくなり、サポートを受けるためには .NET Framework 4.5.2 に移行いただくことを発表しました。こちらの ブログ でもその更新についてご説明しています。その後、新しい .NET Framework のバージョンである .NET Framework 4.6 が 2015 年 7 月 20 日にリリースされました。 .NET Framework 4.x のアプリはインプレース アップデート ( インストールされているフレームワーク を上書き更新するもの ) にて更新され、再コンパイルなしにアップグレードした .NET Framework を稼働することが可能です...(read more)

Lego Mindstorms EV3 extension for Small Basic - EV3 Basic!!!

MSDN Blogs - Sun, 10/18/2015 - 16:47

Using the EV3 extension for Small Basic, you can use Small Basic to program your Lego Mindstorm EV3 robots!

This awesome extension comes from Reinhard Grafl with a ton of tooling and content support developed by Nigel Ward:

(Please visit the site to view this video)


Why is this a perfect combination... a match made in heaven? 

  1. Small Basic is free! 
    • Pretty much all the other software out there for EV3 robots is trying to make a buck as a business. 
    • But not Small Basic! We're a free tool for educators!
  2. Small Basic is the only educational software that teaches actual text-based programming. 
    • The core Mindstorms EV3 software uses symbol-based programming. Kind of like the amazing Kodu. 
    • That's great if you're a younger kid who's learning, but once you get the programming concepts and get a little older (8+), then it's time to learn actual programming like the professionals use!
    • Working with an icon-based programming programming environment does not prepare you well for a career in programming because almost all professional programming is done with textual programming environments (C, Java, Python etc) rather than an icon-based programming environment. 
    • For example, it's much less useful and relevant to learn about 'data wires' than it is to learn about 'parameters' and 'arguments'.
    • When you're ready to learn more programming languages, just click the Graduate button in the UI to export your code into Visual Basic in Visual Studio Community or Visual Studio Code (also free).
    • Then you can keep learning more languages (like Visual Basic, Java, C#, Python, HTML, JaveScript, and C++). 
  3. Small Basic is in 20 languages! 
    • How can anything be simple to learn if it's not in your language?
    • The UI is in 20 languages! You can also find content (like the Curriculum and Getting Started Guide) in 21 languages.
    • To give you an idea of how amazing this is, the Mindstorm EV3 symbol-based software is in 10 languages: (3.3)
    • And it's paid! So with Small Basic, you open up twice as many countries and people groups, and it's free!
  4. EV3 Basic is the Easiest Installation!!
    • It's an easier installation than any other text-based language for EV3!
    • You don't have to prepare a new Linux operating system for the brick onto an SD card.
    • You can access the brick's standard menus, as expected! You can access all the programs stored on the brick.
  5. Small Basic teaches you as you type!
    • With the revolutionary Small Basic IntelliSense (IntelliSense redesigned) and the Help Area, you can literally learn while you type!
    • Small Basic boasts a new incarnation of IntelliSense. Not only does it pop up and show you all your options as you type (which helps for learning, exploration, and spelling), but Small Basic's IntelliSense adds three new features to the Visual Studio IntelliSense: 
    • (1) You can scroll through your options in a fun and engaging way. 
    • (2) You see some basic Help content in the IntelliSense window, as you type. 
    • (3) Press the Control key to make IntelliSense transparent, so you can see your code underneath it!   
    • Small Basic takes learning to the next level with a dedicated Help pane that changes and teaches you as you type and click your code! You don't have to click Help or leave your app! You learn while you program!            
  6. Small Basic Social Features!
    • Share programs easily with the "Publish" and "Import" buttons, which share programs to and from the Small Basic program share server ( 
    • You can access the code online as well, and easily import it locally into Small Basic (by clicking Import in Small Basic and entering the program ID). Example.
  7. Small Basic Graphics Window
    • Leveraging Small Basic's Graphics Window, you can build full GUI software programs that also interact with your EV3 robots!
  8. Small Basic Sound Object
  9. Better Handling of Variables
    • Small Basic was designed to handle variables in a professional but simple manner. See Small Basic is Simple.
    • You can create string and numeric constants and assign them to variables. Operations performed on these variables will be interpreted according to the content.
    • All variables are global and are always initialized. They can often be used before they're assigned. 
    • Even better, the variables are all of one type, rather than integers, strings, etc. 
  10. Small Basic's Text and TextWindow Objects
  11. Built-In Support for I2C Communications and UART
  12. "Easy-In, Ease-Out" Motions for Motors
  13. Synchronized Wheel Motions
    • If one wheel experiences resistance and is slowed down, the other wheel also slows down, allowing your robot to continue on its path!
  14. Assert Function
  15. Advanced Thread Management
  16. Read RGB Values from the Color Sensor
  17. Vector Functions
  18. Advanced Matrix Functions
  19. EV3 Basic Robots Run Faster!
    • EV3 Basic programs tend to run faster than EV3-G equivalents.
    • A robot running EV3 Basic has recently set a new (as yet unofficial) record for solving the Rubik Cube by a robot!
    • Cube Twister can solve randomized cubes in 2.2 seconds, beating the old world record by more than a second! 
    • Skip ahead to 4:22 in the video embedded above to see it in action!
  20. EV3 Makes No Changes to the EV3 Brick
  21. Bluetooth & WiFi Support!
  22. No Need to Download Programs to the Brick
    • EV3 Basic programs can be run directly within Small Basic.
    • You do not need to download them to the EV3 brick!
  23. EV3 Explorer
    • Lets you easily download your program to the EV3 brick in order to launch your program from the EV3 brick's menus. 
    • Lets you download other files to the brick, such as compatible sound or image files. All the standard Lego sound and image files can be copied to the brick and used by your EV3 Basic programs.
    • EV3 Explorer is downloaded in the EV3 Basic extension package. 
      This is amazing! It's free and great in every possible way! These are tremendous advantages over all the other EV3 options! So try out the EV3 extension over at...    Think of it as a next step for your students as they graduate from the Mindstorms EV3 software and are ready to start learning a text-based programming language that can help change their lives!   Small and Basically yours,    - Ninja Ed

OSD – Standalone Media, Version Control and Auto-Updating

MSDN Blogs - Sun, 10/18/2015 - 08:39
Standalone media is a very useful option for building bare metal systems in areas with limited or no network access. Standalone media is also a great failsafe solution to allow builds to continue when problems exist that prevent contact with the ConfigMgr server or related systems. When using standalone media in scenarios where zero network connectivity exists the concepts in this article won’t apply. If standalone media IS being used in areas of limited or even full but slow network connectivity...(read more)


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